Entrepreneurship is About Planning and Pivoting

The Entrepreneur Says What?

As we continue to grow, expand our offerings, and work on expanding our brand recognition, change is inevitable. Entrepreneurship is all about planning things and pivoting. They say without a plan, you plan to fail. Well, we say, when you do plan, plan again.

Plans A to Z

We planned on having a contest last month to celebrate the release of our N.O.V.8 box. The subscription box service features exclusive merchandise and more. However, our samples for the contest and unboxings arrived with a misprint. We contacted our supplier, and they saw the issue, apologized and offered to reprint or refund. Reprint of course! The new set came about almost a week or two later, also incorrect. Insert sad face here.

Try, Try, Try Again?

No. We did completely trash our file just in case the issue was the file, although we did not see the issue on our files. But, instead of getting a 3rd reprint and further delaying the exciting things coming, we pivoted. We switched to our backup manufacturer and those samples come in next week. Fingers crossed.

Ross, "Pivot!"

Besides delaying the obvious, we pivoted, moved around, and changes some of our collaborations. Stay excited though. Planning and pivoting may be our next design. Look out for our CEO teaching courses on how to start not only clothing lines but subscription box services and kicking off our podcast Entrepreneursh!t Happens this week.

May the odd be ever in your favor

If you have just started or are about to start your entrepreneurial journey, be flexible, find a way to destress, and learn how to PIVOT!


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